Commercial & Industrial Tile Care


Commercial and industrial tile can easily become worn, scratched and nicked over years of heavy use. Instead of allowing this to happen, protect your investment with commercial and industrial tile care by TCS.

Our primary goal is to provide our customers with the best alternatives when it comes to the cleaning, restoration and maintenance of their tile flooring investment. We are committed to maintaining the most up-to-date and advanced equipment and techniques.

Our commercial and industrial tile care methods include:

Our specially trained technicians will use only the most professional equipment, the best commercial cleaning supplies and the most powerful industrial floor cleaners in order to bring your VCT flooring back to life. With proper restoration and VCT flooring maintenance, you can retain a more professional look for decades.

Prevent residue buildup, scraping, gouging and all other commercial and industrial tile care problems. Our specially trained technicians will prescribe appropriate actions using proven processes, a customized maintenance plan and flexible scheduling. Your commercial and industrial tile flooring is ‘this close’ to being restored to ‘like new’ conditions.

Ask About Our Custom Pricing Program
TCS has recently developed a new “Custom Pricing” program. This is where we carefully analyze your complete floor care needs and then fit that into your budget. Our unique program is “GUARANTEED” to give the most value and quality for your dollar.