The vinyl composite tile (VCT) in your commercial establishment was chosen for a very specific reason – or several reasons, to be more accurate. For one, the composite material used to make up each tile is specially formulated to be durable and to retain its luster for years to come. The materials are also very economical, enabling you to tile thousands upon thousands of square feet while sticking to your budget. The vinyl composite tiles, once laid, are then finished with a clear solution that protects the tile underneath from damage and helps to give your floor its sheen. Once your floor is laid down, you will begin a constant struggle against the buildup of dirt and grime, particularly if your floor sees a lot of daily foot traffic. If it does get a lot of traffic, you would do well to have your floor professionally cleaned and then regularly maintained in order to keep it lasting and performing for years to come.

Do It Yourself Cleaning and Maintenance

Of course, a commercial establishment should always have a cleaning protocol in place to keep the VCT floor clean between professional cleanings and in case of any liquid spillages or other floor-soiling accidents. This protocol should involve a thorough sweeping and the mop and bucket treatment, unless you have professional-grade cleaning machines to do a more thorough job.

Sweeping is a Must

VCT flooring must be swept regularly to keep dirt particles and other debris from gathering on the tiles’ finish. This grit can act like sandpaper, particularly when you add the bottoms of customers’ shoes to the mix. The combination of dirt and heavy traffic can wreak havoc on your otherwise beautiful VCT floor.

To keep dirt from building up, sweep regularly and then mop using a mild cleaner and regularly dumped water. There is no reason to slosh all that dirt around, which is exactly what you will be doing if you forget to change the mop bucket water on a regular basis.

Even with regular sweeping and mopping, professional cleaning and maintenance is highly recommended. Calling TCS Floors, for instance, is the first step to getting our floor cleaning professionals to come out to do a full inspection. They will need to assess the size of your floor; the type of tile and type of finish that was placed over the tile; as well as any trouble spots you have been trying to get rid of yourself with poor results.

Our professional team will clean your floor with powerful machines that are designed to eliminate hard-to-reach dirt and grime, leaving the surface of the VCT flooring gleaming like it was laid down yesterday.

If it has been some time since your flooring’s last professional cleaning, or if your floor has begun to take on a muddled appearance after years of heavy foot traffic, it may be necessary to strip and refinish your floor to give it that newly laid down look.

Strip and Rewax

Our floor cleaning professionals can strip away the wax coating that has been protecting your floor all this time. We can then lay down a new finish to make your floor look like new. Hopefully, the damage didn’t get down to the tiles underneath, but if your floor was laid down correctly initially, the wax covering should have done the job it was intended to do.

Regular Maintenance

Our floor cleaning professionals will then recommend a maintenance VCT cleaning program that will keep your floor gleaming like new all year round. For the improved appearance of your establishment, the professionalism that clean floors can convey, and the boost in employee morale and customer perception, a company looking to get ahead in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace would do well to engage in a thorough cleaning and maintenance program by one of today’s top commercial floor cleaners.

That’s where we come in. Call TCS Floors today to discuss your VCT floor and your future commercial cleaning and maintenance program.