Wax Recoats


Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) flooring requires special maintenance in order to retain a professional, safe and clean appearance at all times. Too much heat, water, dirt and grime can lead to a tarnished and less-than-professional floor that does absolutely nothing to enhance the customer or employee experience.

Proven Processes

No matter what shape your floors are in, our properly trained technicians can have your floor looking good as new. Using the most professional and eco-friendly equipment and cleaning agents, our technicians will completely strip and wax all agreed upon VCT floor space. We will then recoat all areas with 4-6 layers of CASTELGUARD industrial grade wax.

At TCS, we know floors and proper floor maintenance. This includes:

  • Waxing
  • VCT Burnishing
  • VCT Scrubbing
  • VCT Wax Repairs
  • Commercial Floor Cleaning Equipment
  • Commercial Floor Cleaning Services
  • And Environmentally Friendly Commercial Cleaning Supplies

High amounts of customer traffic can cause serious wear and tear on any commercial floor. We will perform a complete analysis of all agreed upon commercial floor space so that we may develop a customized maintenance schedule that will keep your floors looking cleaner and nicer for much longer.


We only use CASTLEGUARD industrial grade wax, which is specially formulated to counter the high labor costs associated with floor car. The wax we use is non-yellowing, non-powdering and it offers a 30% savings by extending your floor’s strip cycle, thus saving many labor hours. We’ve found CASTELGUARD to be the best wax there is when it comes to resisting scuff marks and retaining a clean and safe look all year round. Increase customer confidence in your cleanliness standards and boost employee morale with CASTLEGUARD wax recoats for your commercial VCT floor space.

Proper Floor Maintenance
Ask about our weekly or bi-weekly floor care visits. With quality control courtesy calls, competitive pricing and flexible schedules, TCS will create a customized maintenance plan that will allow us to completely service and burnish all available VCT tile space on a regular basis. And remember, we always include all restrooms, break rooms, service counters and foyer areas.

Let TCS care for your commercial or industrial flooring so that you never have to worry about scuff marks, gouges, build-up or anything else. And with CASTLEGUARD wax recoats, your floors will remain protected against future assaults, thus saving you frustration and money when it comes to future cleanings and repairs.

Let TCS breathe new life into your commercial or industrial style flooring and protect your investment with proven processes that focus on complete customer satisfaction.

Ask About Our Custom Pricing Program
TCS has recently developed a new “Custom Pricing” program. This is where we carefully analyze your complete floor care needs and then fit that into your budget. Our unique program is “GUARANTEED” to give the most value and quality for your dollar.