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Complete Strip and Wax

complete Stripping of all VCT Tile Space. Recoat all areas with 4-6 layers of industrial grade wax.

Deep Scrub and Recoat

A complete Deep Scrub of all agreed upon VCT Tile Space. Recoat all scrubbed areas with 2 layers of industrial grade wax. (additional layers of wax optional)

Basic Incidental Repairs

#1 Residue Buildup! As stores move gondolas or other fixtures, old stripper and misc. chemical “under fixture run-off” is exposed.

Usually these old hardened chemicals require careful heavy duty stripping. (Care must be taken not to damage existing “good wax”.)

After the exposed areas are stripped, multiple layers of wax are layed down on the stripped areas and BLENDED with existing “good” wax.

Generally, the new areas look as nice as the rest of the floor (Tile discoloration is common and requires a costly time-consuming bleaching service. Generally, replacing the tile is most prudent.)

#2 Scraping / Gouging! Frequently, the hustle of sales promotions and holiday specials creates high amounts of customer traffic (and hopefully associated sales) in a very short period of time.

Inevitably, merchandise and the associated delivery process causes wear and tear. Some wear and tear may be able to be high-speed burnished out, while more severe damage may need to be repaired.

Regular Floor Care Visits (Bi-weekly/ Weekly)

A Complete Servicing and high speed Burnish of all available VCT Tile Space. We always include: restrooms, break rooms, service counter areas, foyers.

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