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Concrete Complexities

Your Concrete floors are an ever-changing floor surface.  In addition to your day-to-day activity, a concrete slab produces additional dust every day and night all by itself.  The micro-shifting of the slabs happens continuously producing dust in your facility even when you are not there.  TCS offers comprehensive “Dust Off” services.

Concrete Deep Scrub

Concrete floors are porous by their very nature.   Particulate matter and contaminants from your operations penetrate the surface (Pima) and also adhere to the surface.  TCS offers comprehensive Deep Cleaning Services.  We typically will use high Alkaline degreasers, Acids, and other cleaning solutions to lift contaminants from the concrete surface.

Concrete Seal and Top Coatings

The surface of Concrete has micro-pores that trap dirt and debris and make regular sweeping and cleaning very difficult.  Applying both a penetrating seal and top layers of protective finish will make daily clean-up a breeze and will provide a cleaner, brighter, and more user-friendly work environment.  TCS offers several options for concrete seals and top coatings like durable wax, to meet your needs.

Concrete Grinding and Polishing

Grinding your concrete surface down will produce a superior level surface and enhanced luster which will eliminate imperfections, enhance the beautiful nature of the concrete, and prove a maintenance-free surface.   TCS provides a full range of grinding and polishing options.

Epoxy Coating Application

The ultimate concrete finishing solution is the application of Epoxy Coatings to your concrete.  Airplane hangers, Medical Applications, Machine Shops, and all high-end tech manufacturing and any other surface require an extremely durable, maintenance-free, and perfectly smooth universal color.  TCS offer a full menu of Epoxy coating Services.

“No Matter what shape your  Industrial floors are in, our properly trained technicians can have your floor looking good as new, directly impacting the employee/customer experience.”

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