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Our #1 secret to our success is the use of state of the art "Concrete Sealers" and High Solids Wax.

Concrete sealers and Conventional Floor Waxes are ever-evolving with higher quality resins and polymers and urethane mixes.

Our team in research and development are continually seeking the most cutting edge technology for these coatings.  Better coatings will provide higher luster, more longevity and even a more Sanitary environment.

Here is just one of the great finishes we use.  CASTLEGUARD Wax which is Manufactured by Buckeye International @ , (a 100 year old company) is specifically formulated to counter the high labor costs associated with floor care.

This floor finish has provided savings of 30% and more!

How? CASTLEGUARD is non-yellowing and non-powering, which extends your strip cycle and saves many labor hours. CASTLEGUARD is extremely durable… it resists scuff marks and looks great month after month, even with extremely heavy traffic.

One coat of CASTLEGUARD equals two coats of most conventional floors finishes!

CASTLEGUARD may be applied to virtually all hard floor surfaces to provide beauty and protection beyond your expectations.

CASTLEGUARD’S exceptional depth of gloss brings out the hidden beauty of your floors, and its “wet look” actually promotes a safe, slip-resistant surface.

See for yourself why supermarkets, retail stores, hospitals, schools and building service contractors call CASTLEGUARD the “best floor finish in the world.”





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Our unique program is guaranteed to give the most value and quality for your dollar.

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