You’ve decided to clean your commercial floor all on your own, or at least with your own janitorial crew. Before you get started, you’ll want to take into consideration the type of floor you’ll be cleaning, the types of cleaners you’ll be employing and various tips you’ve gleaned from the experts. Where can you find said tips? Right here. These should get you started until you’re ready to call TCS for all your commercial floor cleaning needs.

  1. Read Safety Instructions Carefully: Material safety data sheets and chemical product labels are put in place for a reason. Read them carefully and always comply with safety requirements. Some chemicals can be caustic if mixed together and some can be downright damaging to your floor. Before you use any chemical, read the label and consider its use carefully before you use a single drop. If you’re going to be decanting chemicals into separate containers, use workplace labels and follow all safety guidelines.
  2. Check Your Inventory: The last thing you want to do is run out of cleaner in the middle of a commercial floor job. For this reason, conduct a full inventory count the night before you begin. You’ll want to do regular counts from then on out to make sure you have enough for maintenance.
  3. Avoid Accidents with Safety Signage: Wet floor signs and other signage will help keep employees and customers safe and it will help you avoid expensive lawsuits that can result from devastating slips and falls.
  4. The Proper Clothing: We recommend that you use rubber gloves to protect your hands during the cleaning process. If the rubber tends to sweat too much, wear cotton gloves inside the rubber gloves for added comfort. We also recommend non-slip shoes or boots, as those floors can get slippery while they’re being cleaned.
  5. The Proper Tools: When cleaning solutions from the floors, we recommend using a 14” to 16” floor squeegee with handle. We also recommend a putty knife, which will make quick work of foreign materials that have stuck to the tile floor.
  6. Clean Equipment Immediately After Use: If you want to maintain your equipment and prevent damage to your floor the next time the tools are used, make it a point to clean every tool immediately after use. During this process, it’s always best to check for electrical cords, plugs and switches on the cleaning equipment to ensure that everything is safely powered off and stored.

A do-it-yourself commercial job can end up looking terrific if you know what you’re doing. Before you bite off more than you can chew, call TCS Floors and let us handle your commercial floor cleaning job for you. We use the latest equipment, the safest and most powerful cleaners and we’re focused on customer satisfaction and a job well done. Sure, you can do it yourself, but why when TCS Floors is right around the corner.