From do-it-yourselfers to commercial establishments that hire sub-par cleaning companies, stay away from the following commercial floor care mistakes unless you’re really keen on replacing your floor.

1. Using the Wrong Method of Scrubbing

A properly trained commercial floor cleaning company will know the exact machines to use and the exact methods to use on the type of flooring you have. If you have untrained custodians or you hire a company that consists of nothing more than an untrained worker in a van, you never quite know what you’ll end up with. For best results, hire a commercial company that uses the proper equipment or train your staff to do the same.

2. Dousing Your Floors in Harsh Chemicals

This is also mostly attributed to a training issue. In an attempt to get floors sparkling clean, many workers tend to pour harsh chemicals in staggering amounts on the floor. I guess the thinking is, the more chemical the better. Unfortunately, this is hardly ever the case.

A professional floor cleaning company will know the proper chemicals to use and the proper amounts so as not to damage or, worse, ruin your floor.

3. Disregarding Safety

Untrained custodians and sub-par company workers may just pick up chemical bottles and use them without reading labels or following safety guidelines. Furthermore, they may neglect to use wet floor or other signage in attempt to prevent accidents.

And we all know how that will likely turn out. A professional company will follow all safety guidelines and will use signage and other methods to ensure safety for all involved.

4. Not Following a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Your floor can begin to lose its luster after months of traffic and only through regular maintenance can you hope to get that shine back. For best results, we recommend hiring a professional cleaning company to maintain your flooring every few months. This will retain your floor’s finish and sustain your flooring longer, which will cut down on costs and keep your establishment looking great.

These mistakes are easy to avoid when you hire a qualified commercial floor cleaning company. Call TCS Floors today and let us help you avoid scuffing, scratching, spotting or ruining your valuable flooring. If you want shiny floors, TCS Floors Care is the service to call.