Churches Stripping and Waxing Services

Are you looking for churches stripping and waxing services? Churches are our specialty!  Over the past 25 years, TCS has stripped and waxed thousands of churches all over the country.  Keeping your prices fair and within your budget is our priority.

No matter what shape your floors are in, our properly trained and seasoned floor care technicians can have your floors looking sanitary, clean and as good as new …. which will directly impact the employee/customer experience.

As an experienced commercial and industrial floor care services company, TCS Floors will provide high-quality floor care services for your business.

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Churches stripping and waxing

Churches Stripping And Waxing Services

Our churches stripping and waxing services are the perfect solution for churches, warehouses, factory spaces, manufacturing and professional office spaces.

We only use commercial and industrial grade sealers and wax, which are specially formulated to counter the high labor costs associated with floor care.

The products we use are non-yellowing, non-powdering high-quality floor care solutions.  These products offer up to a 30-50% annual savings by extending your floor’s strip cycle by reducing labor hours and overall cost of services.

Using the most professional and eco-friendly equipment and cleaning agents, our technicians will completely deep clean, scrub, or strip and seal or wax all agreed upon floor space. 

We’ve found that high quality resins and polymers with high solids of 25% or greater to be the best way which we will seal and wax all types of floor surfaces. The result will also increase overall employees satisfaction and customer confidence in your cleanliness standards by providing a floor surface that is sanitary and has a very clean appearance.

TCS Inc is an experienced commercial and industrial floor care services company that only uses the most professional and eco-friendly equipment to accomplish the job.

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