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Commercial concrete flooring must be cleaned periodically in order to extend its service life and enhance its beauty. Dirt and grime build up very slowly on a concrete floor, so it is often difficult to determine when your floor is in need of a deep cleaning.

TCS will perform a no-cost analysis of your concrete flooring in order to determine the proper procedures to clean and protect your flooring for a long time to come.

Proven Processes

First, our experienced technicians will perform a detailed analysis of your commercial or industrial concrete flooring. Next, we will remove any foreign materials from the concrete, including litter, chewing gum, etc. Finally, we will scrub your concrete flooring using the most state-of-the-art commercial concrete cleaning equipment, chemicals and techniques available.

Concrete Scrubbing

Concrete scrubbing is a delicate procedure. There are multiple ways to clean concrete depending on the type of surface, the location and several other factors. Our professional floor care includes the complete cleaning of all cement flooring areas using commercial floor scrubbers and eco-friendly commercial floor cleaners. We will also perform regular maintenance services on all of your concrete flooring in order to extend the life of its service and to maintain a more professional appearance throughout the year.

Our concrete sealant will protect your commercial or industrial concrete floor from:

Many of our clients are surprised at how clean their concrete flooring looks after our technicians have finished the concrete deep scrub and seal. Many times they report that their concrete flooring hasn’t looked that good since the day it was poured. Let TCS scrub and seal your concrete flooring and see how great it can look after it has been professionally cleaned and treated.

For Professional Results, Call the Professionals

We are the commercial and industrial floor cleaning specialists. We know what works and what doesn’t. Concrete is one of the most challenging substances to clean due to its porous nature. It absorbs dirt and other impurities over time, giving your flooring a muddled, unclean appearance.

In order to clean concrete effectively, you need industrial strength chemicals and high-powered cleaning equipment. We provide professional cleaning and sealing services for any sized concrete floor and we guarantee the best, cleanest and safest results.

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TCS has recently developed a new “Custom Pricing” program. For this program,
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