Incoming Call Leads:

TCS Floors, This is [name] how may I help you?

We can definitely help you with that! May I have your name?
What is the name of the company you are with?
And what's your telephone number in case we get disconnected?
What City & State are you needing service in?
“YES! We've got a great crew in your area. We have a couple of teams that service floors in your city and some that will travel to your area depending on the scope of work. What type of floor work do you need to be done?
Thanks [ Customer Name ] - and what type of service do you need?
Do you know the approximate square footage we'd be dealing with? If you don't know the square footage, let's talk about the layout of your project. How many rooms are there?
And just to confirm, which type of flooring do you have? is it VCT? Concrete?
Are there any other types of flooring we would be servicing? if they ask for stripping and waxing... confirm it will be VCT.

Thanks [Customer Name] and what's the best email address for you? ( enter the email in your mailbox message and then sendthe customer and email it now... confirm it works)
Confirm the email... read it off to them and have them spell it out.

"So I am sending you an email right now so you will have my contact information, website, and our company information. Did you receive it yet?"

Typical Responses and Notes Here:
Who Took the Call?