It is acceptable to clean your commercial hard flooring with a mop and bucket – in a pinch. If you are using the mop and bucket technique as a long-term strategy to floor cleaning, you are not going to be happy with the results.

The main problem with using mop and bucket cleaning on your VCT flooring is that, no matter how many times you rinse the bucket, you’re still using the same dirty mop head. That means that, instead of cleaning, you’re merely sloshing all the dirt around. Where you may have had a concentration of soil in one area of your floor, you have probably spread that dirt around with your mop and bucket, causing your entire floor to look muddled in appearance. If it isn’t looking that way now, keep using the mop and bucket and you’ll soon see why this technique is subpar for cleaning hard flooring of any type.

What Dirty Mop Water Does to Your Expensive Flooring

Let’s just take ceramic flooring, for instance. If you have ceramic flooring and you use the mop and bucket to keep it clean, you have probably noticed that your flooring – and especially the grout around your flooring tiles – is starting to turn two different colors. That is caused by all the dirty mop water that typically gets slung around during your typical mop and bucket floor cleaning.

Business Floor Cleaning

A professional cleaning will reverse mop and bucket damage, allowing your flooring to shine just like the first day you opened your doors. Your customers and personnel will love the appearance and cleanliness of your professionally cleaned VCT or tile flooring, and with the proper maintenance, your flooring will last for years to come.

Once your home or business has been professionally cleaned, we recommend a regular maintenance program to keep your flooring gleaming for the long term.

Professional Floor Cleaning Will Clean and Maintain Your Floor

The mop and bucket can be used to pick up sudden spills and as a quick fix between professional cleanings, but it should never be used as a long term strategy. A professional cleaning will eliminate spots and keep your flooring looking professional and clean for as long as you need it to.

For businesses that would like to do away with the mop and bucket for good, contact TCS Floors today.