oodhether you own a construction business or a large facility, you must know how to keep the floors looking beautiful. With advancement in technology, new methods of floor care have developed that produce better results that last for years.

There are the three most popular methods to keep the floors looking great- floor stripping, sealing and commercial floor waxing.

Floor Stripping:

To strip a floor you must first clear the space and remove all obstacles such as, furniture, equipment, and the like. Once the floor is ready, apply the stripping solution sufficiently so that it covers the entire area. Let the liquid sit for a few minutes then take a floor stripping pad and fix it on the buffer. Scrub the entire area to get rid of the previous coatings. Once done, add stripping neutralizer in a bucket of fresh water. Mop the entire area with the solution. Once done, rinse and clean the equipment properly.


Once the floor has been stripped it will need a sealer. Floor sealers stand up to water, abrasion, scuffing and even withstand greases, acids and gasoline. They help in protecting floors from staining.


Mop and sweep the floor until it’s absolutely clean. Finish it off by dust mopping to gather as much particles and dust as possible. Anything that remains on the floor is likely to get trapped in the wax, where it will stay till the wax is stripped. Make use of a wax applier to rub on the wax. Do not use cloth or sponge that’s dirty. Also, wait for about forty minutes before applying another commercial wax coating. You can also put on a few thin coatings for a more radiant shine, but never overdo it or the solution can turn yellow. Use a buffing pad under the floor machine and polish the floor once the wax is completely dry.

There are several companies that offer services such as, floor refinishing, floor stripping, commercial floor waxing and floor sealing. They strip, seal, wax, and refinish a variety of surfaces. However, it is important to choose the contractor wisely to ensure that your investment is protected and your floor lasts for several years.