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In light of recent global events, keeping your workplace clean and safe should be your first concern. Especially if you run a large-scale factory with tons of machinery in operation 24/7 and a staff comprising unlimited humans – floor hygiene becomes a major area of concern.

While managing so many acres of your factory or any other workplace and their cleanliness could be a major hassle, it can be dealt with effortlessly if you have the assistance of a professional industrial floor cleaning service. 

Such services come along with an experienced workforce and advanced floor cleaning equipment, so you can easily focus on keeping the business functioning while they can manage all your cleaning requirements hassle-free. Companies like TCS Floors have more than 30 years of experience in perfecting this service.

Professional industrial floor cleaning services usually do more than simply take away the garbage and wipe the floor. A rightfully hired service can provide a high-quality deep cleaning service that covers every nook and cranny of your facility. 

Professional Industrial Floor Cleaning Services
Professional Industrial Floor Cleaning Services

It’s not just clean on the surface; it’s clean enough to keep all disease-causing germs and bacteria out of your workplace. So, you can declare your workplace germs-free and 100% hygienic for all the workers.

Not sure why is it significant to hire an industrial floor cleaning service for your factory or any other large-scale commercial area such as a shopping mall, a grocery store, or something similar?

Well, the truth is – hygiene has always been an important concern, and the significance has majorly risen given the recent outbreak of covid-19.

However, we’ve put together a list of the 10 most prominent reasons why you should hire an industrial floor cleaning service to ease your confusion in this blog post!

10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Industrial Floor Cleaning Service

1. Hygienic Places Increases Productivity

Workplace settings may have a significant influence on employee well-being and production. According to studies, workers are more productive and feel more appreciated in a clean environment.

Employees may become anxious and unmotivated if the office isn’t clean, resulting in poorer production and poor results in their daily tasks.

Similarly, expecting employees to handle their cleaning is not only demotivating but also takes time away from their actual job, resulting in a twofold loss in productivity.

Thus, hiring a professional industrial floor cleaning service can really help increase the productivity as well as the efficiency of your staff – resulting in maximized profits for your organization, and more peace of mind knowing that you are adding positive value to their time spend in the office.

2. Contributes to a healthier workplace

Reduce the transmission of germs

– According to a recent BC research, 50% of workers do not receive paid sick days, making it more likely that they will come to work unwell.

Common and high-touch locations can become germ breeding grounds and should be sterilized regularly to prevent sickness from spreading among personnel.

Preventing the transmission of germs is especially important in maintaining a clean environment, and even more now that we are still dealing with the global pandemic, and the danger is even higher.

Keep the air clean

 Airborne microorganisms and dust can irritate individuals who suffer from allergies or respiratory difficulties. Regular carpet and upholstery cleaning will help minimize allergens in the air.

Prevent mold growth

Preventing mold growth is another reason why hiring professional industrial floor cleaning services should be a must for your organization.

It is important because mold develops fast in wet and unclean surroundings and can cause flu-like symptoms. Mold may rapidly spread via HVAC systems, which should be cleaned annually, and revised with enough frequency over the year.

3. Helps making a good first impression

A clean and hygienic place always gives a pleasant outlook, conveys professionalism, and provides a favorable first impression. 

Whether you run a factory, a large-scale grocery store or a shopping mall – you’d always want your customers, clients, and visitors to have a very good first impression of your place, so they actually come inside, prefer coming again, and also refer your place to the people in their surroundings.

Thus, hiring a professional industrial floor cleaning service can help you maintain your place’s perfect hygiene and cleanliness. So, your customers and clients can always get a fresh and pleasant outlook and love to visit your place every now and then. 

After all, and especially in certain sectors, if you don’t show that you are taking good care of all details regarding your workplace, you can’t expect customers to trust that you will take good care of them. 

For example, selling high-end clothes in a dirty, poorly-maintained shop can’t be too convincing of the quality of your products.

industrial floor cleaning services

4. Save your over-head cost and expenses

Hiring an industrial floor cleaning service can result in substantial cost savings. 

Although employing such services requires a monthly financial commitment, it can be substantially cheaper than hiring an on-staff cleaner, paying benefits, purchasing the necessary materials, and renting specialized equipment for certain cleaning jobs.

Regular cleaning may also save money by extending the life of floors, blinds, and other office equipment, resulting in fewer repairs and replacements – which can be particularly costly, especially if we are talking about bigger spaces.

5. Ensures 100% premium industrial floor cleaning

Companies that offer professional Industrial floor cleaning services are specialists in their field. They know the best and most effective ways to clean a room; they employ the most up-to-date cleaning procedures and have specialized equipment for every job. 

Their professional cleaning teams are always well trained and follow a pre-agreed-upon checklist to guarantee that nothing is overlooked. In fact, companies like TCS Floors have been operating for more than 30 years in the market, and this expertise shows in each detail. 

Thus, hiring such a service can ensure that your floors are 100% clean and hygienic without the fear of any germs or bacteria being left or any nook or corner being overlooked from proper cleaning.

6. Manages Freeing Up Storage Spaces Themselves

When you engage a professional industrial floor cleaning service, they always come with all the tools and equipment required to free up your storage spaces.

Thus, you don’t have to worry about the heavy-duty moving and shifting of stuff, nor do you’ve to leave the floors beneath your stuff unattended.

The experts from their team know their job well. So, they make sure to free up the space, clean the floors thoroughly and set your stuff again in the perfect manner possible.

7. Ensures Safety and Legal Protection of Your Stuff

A reputable industrial floor cleaning service is completely bonded and insured and offers employees workplace protection. This provides peace of mind and legal protection if something unforeseen happens while on the job.

Their experts come along with professional training and fully understand health and safety measures. They also understand how to utilize potentially hazardous machinery and chemicals and the value of secrecy.

8. Offers Consistency and Flexibility

Your cleaning requirements may change throughout the year; for example, extra floor cleaning may be required in the winter when it is damp outside. A professional industrial floor cleaning service always offers flexibility and consistency in their work.

They collaborate with you and create a plan that works for you all year long based on your requirements, whether you need daily, weekly or even occasional assistance.

industrial floor cleaning services

9. Reduces Stress-Levels and Saves your Time

It takes a long time to organize and prepare a fool-proof floor cleaning plan, manage cleaning employees, and acquire materials. 

Thus, the smart office managers, property managers, and strata managers engage with professional industrial floor cleaning services to get their requirements handled without hassle. 

Professional assistance can really help reduce your stress levels and save your precious time as well.

10. Helps Minimizing Pest Infestations

Pests attracted to organic waste, such as community kitchens or trash disposal places, include mice, rats, bugs, and mites. Food or garbage left out for an extended period of time can cause an infestation, which can be costly and time-consuming to eradicate. 

This type of infestation may be avoided by keeping places continually clean and free of garbage.

Hiring a professional industrial floor cleaning service can majorly help you minimize pest infections. It is mainly because professional cleaning staff understands the severity of pest infestations really well. 

They take good care of your floors’ cleaning and hygiene and work effectively to ensure your place is free from all kinds of materials that can cause such infestations in the longer run.

What Does a Professional industrial Floor Cleaning Service Have to Offer?

Industrial floor cleaning services are significantly more comprehensive than regular vacuuming and mopping. It comprises professionally trained cleaning experts who know the art of conducting customized treatments on all specified high-traffic flooring areas.

They have skilled employees, industrial-grade chemicals, and heavy-duty equipment to offer the most professional cleaning services to your floors hassle-free.

Level 1: Sanitizing – This procedure reduces the number of biological agents on an object to a safe level. It is typically not suggested to remove the SARS-CoV-2 virus since it is a level below disinfection.

Level 2: Disinfecting – Removes many or all harmful germs from inanimate things, even bacterial spores. Facilities can safely handle COVID-19 using this approach.

Level 3: Sterilizing – Removes microbial viability and eliminates all microbial life forms, either physically or chemically. This level is normally not suitable for most commercial settings.

According to the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association (ISSA), confidence cleaning is “a procedure involving thorough risk assessment, followed by completing all essential processes for cleaning and, if necessary, disinfection, offering assurance that the cleaned space is safe. For use and occupancy.”

This procedure also necessitates adequate training of all cleaning personnel on the necessary stages, the actions done, the frequency, the instruments used, and the personal protection equipment (PPE) required.”

Thus, a reputable industrial floor cleaning service provider such as TCS Floors understands these policies really well and makes sure to offer floor cleaning services in their perfect alignment so that you can maintain hygiene and cleanliness without any obstacles.

The usual floor cleaning standards include removing dust, grime, and debris, decreasing 90% of disease-causing bacteria, and preparing the surface for disinfection.

The professional industrial floor cleaning services usually follow the protocols as described below to ensure 100% perfection! Contact us today to get started.

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