Why should you hire professional floor care for schools and educational facilities? Read more in this article by TCS Floors. 

Creating and maintaining a clean environment is extremely important in schools and educational facilities – a study by the ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association) found that it can reduce absenteeism by up to 50% as a result of effectively reducing respiratory illnesses and allergies.

And this is not the only benefit of ensuring proper floor care for schools – the Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that floors and flooring materials contribute directly to more than 2 million fall injuries each year, something that can be mitigated by maintaining optimal floor conditions.

From extending the life of flooring materials by up to 50% to causing a positive impact on student performance, there are many reasons why you need to hire professional floor care for schools – and in this article, we will give you all the details.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it:

1. Specialized expertise and experience

You may think that cleaning the school floor is as simple as grabbing a mop and a bucket, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

When you hire professional floor care for schools, especially if it’s a reputable company like TCS Floors, you get the benefits of hiring a team that possesses specialized knowledge and experience in various floor types and materials, such as VCT waxing and stripping

With experience comes the ability to quickly identify and solve unique or unexpected problems. Experienced floor care professionals can recognize early signs of wear and tear, damage, or mold and address these issues before they escalate, saving time and money.

2. Access to advanced equipment

Another reason to hire professional floor care for schools instead of going the DIY route is the access you get to advanced equipment that you may not have at your establishment. 

Commercial-grade equipment is not only expensive for a lot of educational facilities, but you also need someone who can use it properly for more efficient cleaning and maintenance. 

Some of the most common equipment includes, but is not limited to:

If you don’t have any experience in the industry, you may not know what you need, or how to use it effectively – that’s why it’s always a good idea to leave it to the professionals. 

Also, did you know that some of these machines, like the large floor scrubbers, can cost up to $20,000? This can be a hefty price tag for a smaller school or educational institution that doesn’t have the budget to invest in professional cleaning equipment.

3. Time and cost efficiency

If you are looking for more reasons to hire professional floor care for schools, don’t worry – we can go on! While in-house care may appear more cost-effective at a first glance, this is not exactly the case, and here is why:

Extending the life of your floor

Professional companies like TCS Floors combine specialized equipment, industry-specific know-how, as well as the appropriate cleaning solutions depending on the type of floor that your school has. 

Ensuring that the floors are cleaned and maintained according to their specific needs is absolutely key for extending their life, delaying expensive replacement costs.

Preserving the floor’s condition

Professional floor care for schools also involves preventative maintenance schedules that address wear and tear before it escalates into major damage, thereby preserving the flooring’s condition over time.

Faster cleaning time

TCS Floors’ professional team is equipped to complete cleaning tasks more efficiently than in-house staff might be able to, due to our expertise and access to advanced equipment. 

This efficiency means that schools can enjoy cleaner environments without significant downtime or disruption to school activities.

Better resource allocation

Did you know that hiring professional floor care for schools can also help your educational institution allocate resources more effectively? 

By outsourcing floor care, you can focus on your primary responsibilities—education and administration—rather than diverting time and resources to extensive cleaning tasks.

Reduced need for investment

As we mentioned earlier, professional floor cleaning equipment can be costly. For example, a good commercial-grade vacuum cleaner can cost up to $800, a carpet extractor can cost up to $10,000, and a floor scrubber may vary from $5,000 to $20,000.

Schools that opt for professional floor care avoid the need to invest in expensive cleaning equipment and the ongoing costs of training and supplies for in-house staff.

4. Compliance with regulations

When it comes to floor cleaning for schools, there are multiple regulations that you need to ensure you are complying with. 

Failing to do so may not only result in accidents and injuries, but also in a build-up of allergies which can disrupt the learning environment. 

And, needless to say, it is much easier, cheaper, and time-effective to hire a floor cleaning company that already meets them, as opposed to trying to comply with everything yourself.

Here are a few of the most important regulations you need to keep up with:

Health and safety standards

Health departments and agencies like the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) have established certain guidelines in order to ensure that you are providing a safe and healthy environment for students and staff.

For example, it is important to adhere to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations to prevent slips, trips, and falls, using appropriate signage and maintenance protocols.

Environmental compliance

Another key factor when it comes to regulations is environmental compliance. 

It is important to use environmentally friendly cleaning products and methods in line with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines, supporting schools’ efforts to minimize their environmental impact.

When it comes to professional floor care for schools, your cleaning solutions provider will follow specific regulations for the disposal of cleaning chemicals and materials. This will ensure that no harmful substances are released into the environment. 

Chemical use and storage

Compliance with regulations on the use and storage of cleaning chemicals, including proper labeling, storage, and handling to ensure safety and reduce risks of exposure or accidents is an absolute must for any educational facility.

Air quality standards

Implement cleaning practices that improve indoor air quality, adhering to standards that prevent the buildup of allergens, dust, and chemical pollutants, crucial for the health of sensitive individuals like children with asthma.

Hiring professional floor care for schools is a great way to ensure that the air quality in your school or educational institution is up to the standard.

5. Customized schedule

If these benefits of hiring professional floor care for schools weren’t enough, we have more – having the convenience of working on a customized schedule with TCS Floors. Here’s why it makes such a huge difference:

About TCS Floors

If you are looking to hire professional floor care for schools, look no further than TCS Floors. 

With over 30 years of experience nationwide, our team of experienced professionals has all the knowledge, skills and equipment to keep a clean and safe environment for employees and clients. Contact us today for a quote


What are the costs associated with hiring professional floor care services?

The cost of hiring professional floor care services varies widely based on factors such as the size of the facility, the type of flooring, the level of service required (e.g., standard cleaning, deep cleaning, specialty treatments), and geographic location. 

Prices can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per service. Typically, companies offer customized quotes based on square footage and specific service needs, ensuring schools only pay for what they require.

How does professional floor care contribute to extending the life of our flooring?

Professional floor care contributes to extending the life of flooring by using specialized cleaning techniques and products tailored to each flooring type. Regular, expert maintenance prevents damage, reduces wear and tear, and keeps floors in optimal condition. 

This care not only enhances appearance but also prevents costly repairs or replacements, ultimately saving money over the long term by maximizing the flooring’s lifespan.

Can the cleaning schedule be customized to fit our school calendar?

Yes, professional floor care services typically offer customizable cleaning schedules to fit the specific needs of a school’s calendar. This flexibility allows for cleaning to be conducted during off-hours, weekends, or school breaks, minimizing disruptions to educational activities and ensuring a clean environment without interfering with the school’s daily operations.

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