Concrete grinders can be used to an immense range of advantages. For instance; smoothing surfaces, leveling concrete floors, undermining concrete slabs and removing paint. It is one of the most flexible type of concrete machinery available nowadays, you can transform a rough concrete floor into a smooth surface. It can solve certain flooring problems and create a clean surface, in preparation for further treatments. The main functions of concrete grinding machines are: It gets rid of uneven floors; grind, polish, and cut rough concrete surfaces to be smooth; and remove concrete work flaws, surface contaminants which are difficult to remove with concrete degreasers or high surface-active detergents. Here are the most common types of concrete grinders:


Handheld floor grinders are used on many construction projects for concrete polisher grinding, cutting and concrete repair. They are the smallest type of concrete grinders, and they are very important tools for concrete restoration or demolition companies. It is mainly used in tight spaces or designed for flush-edge grinding. These grinders are easier to operate. They typically have only one diamond grinding cup wheel; hence, they are lightweight and portable or handy. Some handheld floor grinders are equipped with dust collection shrouds; thus, concrete dust off or clean-up makes it easier. It can also successfully remove roughness. Most handheld grinders are able to smooth out rough surfaces before concrete or any other coating application, while at the same time they are used to roughen the surfaces, especially when the application of the coating is on the wall or floor.


Ride-on floor grinders are designed precisely for large concrete floor projects; it involves applications for refinishing, resurfacing, and preparing concrete surfaces. A ride-on floor grinder can grind and polish up to 5 feet wide on one pass, producing flat, durable, and high gloss floors. It is mostly used to grind and polish commercial flooring, showrooms, distribution centers, retail outlets, and warehouse floors.


Walk-behind floor grinders or walk-behind floor grinding machines are large concrete grinder units that help to grind the concrete over the body of the floor. It can grind larger areas of concrete compared to a handheld floor grinder. There are different models of walk-behind floor grinders depending on the purpose. Some are powered with diesel fuel while others are powered by electricity.  

In commercial properties, concrete has been the most common building material because of its strength and flexibility. However, since concrete is a natural material, it will deteriorate overtime. Hence, concrete polishing and repair is a must. Bear in mind however that a concrete grinder is a complex tool, it requires knowledge and skill to achieve the desired result. Further, there are things to consider when using a concrete grinding machine, the model, speed and various feature. So never do it yourself if you lack knowledge and skill, you might end up with an irreparable situation instead of getting the job done. Let’s take for example, if you polish a rain-damaged or otherwise poor-quality surface before it is even and free of imperfections, you’ll end up with a final product that could look worse than what you started with. You’ll need a skilled and experienced professional to help you with your concrete flooring projects to transform your ordinary floors to into extraordinary. A pro can evaluate the current condition and hardness of your surface to confirm that concrete grinding is the best technique to get the results you desired.

If you’ll be responsible of the surface preparation projects, the right concrete grinding contractor is a must. Time and budget must also be taken into consideration. No need to look further! TCS is your champion. We currently service all U.S. States and you can reach us any time since our trunk is open 24/7. We have a commercial-grade equipment, skilled and trained professionals, and specialized knowledge that would be of assistance in your next flooring project. We can customize our service to meet your flooring system’s requirements and assist you in deciding which concrete repair is best for your facility’s floor for durability or long service life.We Provide Floor Care Services To:

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