How To Clean An Industrial Floor? 10 Important Tips

how to clean an industrial floor

​Industrial floors are notoriously hard to keep clean. They can get dirty quickly, and they have a lot of places where dust, dirt, and grime can hide. This means that it takes a lot of effort to ensure that your industrial floor looks good and feels clean. Hence, to clean an industrial floor is a […]

How to Clean Concrete Floors

The most common building material in this day and age is concrete. Not only because of its strength and flexibility but because of the fact that their maintenance requires very little amount of money. Also, it reduces the total cost of ownership as well as the environmental impact associated with more frequent rehabilitation or reconstruction. […]


concrete flooring

Concrete grinders can be used to an immense range of advantages. For instance; smoothing surfaces, leveling concrete floors, undermining concrete slabs and removing paint. It is one of the most flexible type of concrete machinery available nowadays, you can transform a rough concrete floor into a smooth surface. It can solve certain flooring problems and […]

Are You Suffering from the Mop and Bucket Hard Floor Cleaning Blues?

It is acceptable to clean your commercial hard flooring with a mop and bucket – in a pinch. If you are using the mop and bucket technique as a long-term strategy to floor cleaning, you are not going to be happy with the results. The main problem with using mop and bucket cleaning on your […]

The Keys to Sustainable Floor Care

More commercial establishments are choosing hard floors over carpeting, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because hard flooring (like VCT and tile) is much easier to install and care for than carpeting. In addition to choosing hard flooring, many establishments are choosing not to apply finishes. Finishes are intended to protect the floor from […]