How long does floor waxing last for industrial floors? Continue reading this article to learn more about floor stripping and waxing, and how frequently you should be doing it. 

When it comes to keeping your industrial floors clean, waxing is one of the best methods. It creates a sealant on the floor’s surface that helps prevent dirt and dust from accumulating. But how long does waxing a floor last? And is it worth the effort? Keep reading to find out!

Research shows that people’s initial impressions of you are formed quickly after meeting for the first time. In the same way, customers who see a filthy or dull floor may create an image of the quality of management at your firm and decide not to do business with you.

What exactly is industrial floor waxing?

In professional settings, waxing industrial floors is a standard maintenance procedure for many organizations and establishments. But what precisely does it mean to wax the floor? When you think about it, how important is it to your company?

Waxing the floors adds a layer of protection that delays wear and tear reduces the risk of slips and falls, and inhibits the accumulation of filth and grime. 

Instead of becoming ground into the floor, dirt slides off, simplifying floor cleaning. Additionally, it improves grip on surfaces that are often slippery, such as tile or stone. 

For this reason, it is an essential procedure that helps businesses provide more safety for their employees, and better experience for their customers. Industrial floor waxing is done by expert floor cleaning companies that work with professional products and equipment to achieve the best results.

Why Is It Essential For Companies To Get Their Floors Waxed Regularly?

Waxing the floor first makes it more manageable to clean. Waxed floors are protected from spills and dirt and need less effort to clean up after accidents. The result is less dirt and grime to scrub away.

Using floor wax may restore the floor’s original shine and beauty. In addition, a newly waxed floor will look and feel much friendlier to your customers than one that hasn’t been maintained.

Additionally, those with allergies or other diseases that make them vulnerable to germs or pollutants like dust mites may enjoy relief from walking on a spotless surface. As a result of Covid-19, waxed floors became a staple for preventing and reducing the spread of gems. 

Floors recently waxed are less likely to sustain damage from customers’ or workers’ heavy foot traffic. No worries about breakage if anything is knocked over on your hard floor.

Waxing floors regularly also helps employees who stand for extended periods at their jobs in hospitals, schools, and other establishments like these feel less tired. 

In addition, people with plantar fasciitis or other foot issues that make standing for long periods uncomfortable or difficult may find the waxed floors more tolerable.

3 Main Factors That Determine the Duration of Floor Waxing

So, back to our main question: how long does floor waxing last?

Exactly how much floor waxing lasts will depend on a variety of factors, such as the location and the traffic of people in the area, the flooring material, as well as preventive maintenance among others. Generally, it is expected for floor waxing to last up to 6 months.

Maintaining your building’s floors in excellent condition is as simple as waxing them regularly. On the other hand, a filthy floor is the worst possible first impression you can give prospective customers.

Despite this, several things might accelerate floor wear and tear, meaning you may need to wax more often than is recommended. 

First, poor service providers may attempt to outdo you by waxing your floor repeatedly, which may leave a sticky residue that attracts dirt. Your newly waxed floor will quickly get filthy if you do this, and they will likely charge you extra to clean and rewax it.

If you want to prevent this, it’s a good idea to contact various businesses to discuss your company’s specific requirements and to compare prices before making a final decision.

1. Situation and people traffic

How frequently you need to wax your floors is determined by how often people walk on them. In heavily traveled areas, dirt and debris are more likely to settle quickly on the floor.

Consider the difference in appearance between the flooring in your main foyer, which is hardwood or stone, and the flooring in a meeting room, which is the same. Regular waxing is necessary for high-traffic areas since the floor becomes dirtier and more worn down due to people walking on it daily.

2. Flooring material

When deciding how frequently to wax your floors, another factor to keep in mind is the material of the industrial floor. This is because the degradation of hardwood flooring is distinct from that of stone.

In addition, comparing stone flooring to wood floors is oversimplifying things. Various types of flooring will need to be maintained at different intervals due to their varying rates of wear.

floor waxing

Some people may not know that various types of flooring in the same “group” have varied wear patterns. For example, stone flooring, such as marble, granite, or slate, is a frequent option, but each of these stones has unique characteristics in how they wear and respond to cleaning.


Scratches are ready. Thus special cleaners are needed.


It’s less popular than marble, yet it can withstand standard cleaning methods better.


Very susceptible to developing a dull sheen due to constant foot usage.

When looking for a specialist to take care of your flooring’s commercial waxing requirements, it is crucial to know how your flooring responds to wear and tear and various cleaning chemicals.

3. Preventive Maintenance

In addition to commercial floor waxing, it will also be important to do preventive maintenance to ensure that your floors are in great condition at all times.

Dust, grime, and debris left on hard surfaces for too long may cause damage to those surfaces and should be removed as soon as possible. 

Imagine if, every day, hundreds of customers trod over the same stone that had been placed on the floor the day before. Initially, it wouldn’t harm the floor, but imagine you had a soft surface like marble.

Your customer’s every foot would bury the pebble more and deeper into the wax shield, eventually exposing the marble underneath. It would need expensive repairs if it were to be fixed.

Preventive maintenance may look different for each company and establishment. For this reason, it’s always great to consult a cleaning professional. 

How Long Does Waxing A Floor Last?

Floors should be rewaxed at the intervals specified by the manufacturer of the floor, or by a professional cleaning company. Whether solid or liquid, wax coatings typically endure for one to two years. 

To check whether your floor needs to be rewaxed, use a cloth moistened with mineral spirits to wipe off a small part and look at it if no specific time frame is specified. 

Once the fabric is free of any white or colored residue, it is time to rewax since no wax remains.

Tips for Maintaining Your Waxed Floor

1. Daily Sweeping of Dust

Every day, dust finds its way into warehouses and workplaces. In addition, delivery services bring grime into your home on the soles of shoes and the sides of shipping boxes. 

To keep your floors looking their best, run a dust mop over them at the end of each day. These lightweight mops are simple to maneuver and are ideal for cleaning under furniture and in corners. If you do this daily, your freshly waxed floors will retain their luster for much longer.

Sweep more often in high-traffic areas around your warehouse or office. It is also recommended to hire a professional cleaning service that can give you advice on what areas require more care. Instead of using a dust mop, you may use a vacuum cleaner. 

They’re a little more cumbersome, but they still do the job.

2. Buffing

You may dust mop your floor daily, but eventually, it will lose its shine no matter how often you do it. For this reason, you should regularly hire floor buffing services to ensure that the floor of your establishment always has a glamorous appearance.

3. Prepare a matted area

Putting down floor mats is a simple solution to protect your warehouse or office flooring between stripping and waxing. If you give it any thought, it’s obvious. The cleaner your flooring will stay is proportional to the number of times people walk on them.

You can only cover part of the floor with rugs, but you may be judicious about the areas you choose to cover. Such as placing a mat at each doorway. This will get folks in the habit of wiping their feet before entering, and the mat’s fibers will remove some dirt and debris.

If you want your floor to look amazing for months, you should invest in quality waxing services.

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