Floor cleaning in a commercial or industrial setup is vital because it helps ensure a neat and clean place and also improves the safety of the workers.

Thanks to advanced technology and machinery, floor cleaning machines are absolutely necessary for effective floor cleaning, but they can also be quite expensive considering their industrial purpose.

After all, they have to be more powerful than machines for residential floor cleaning as they are used for bigger and dirtier spaces where residential machines simply don’t have the power.

In this article, we will take a look at the types of industrial floor cleaning machines that professional cleaning companies like TCS Floors bring to the table when hired.

Having a good understanding of the equipment that floor care specialists use is important because it puts the work into perspective, and it shows you everything that goes into ensuring that your industrial floor is perfectly clean every time.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the type of industrial floor cleaning machines that professionals use when cleaning and taking care of your floor.

1. Floor Sweepers

A popular machine among industrial floor cleaners, floor sweepers, are mechanical devices that help you remove debris and dust from carpets and soft and hard floors.

These sweepers can be found in a wide variety of formats, including hand-operated floor sweepers for smaller areas and ride-on machines that are for larger surface areas. The format and size that professional companies will use will depend on the size and type of your floor, as it’s not the same cleaning a concrete floor as it is cleaning a VCT floor.

That’s one of the best things when hiring floor care specialists as opposed to doing it yourself. They have the knowledge and expertise to bring the right tools that you need – and of course, the right equipment.

Floor sweepers can be great as they help clean the floor in industrial premises as well as warehouses. They pick up both light materials and heavy materials as industrial floor cleaning machines.

Moreover, floor sweepers come with a brush attached to them, and the brush rotates accordingly and cleans stubborn dirt, dust, and grime altogether.

2. Floor Scrubbers

Also known as a floor cleaning device, a floor scrubber is like an advanced or modern floor mop or brush. It is considered an ideal tool for industrial floor cleaning, as it helps clean a large number of materials, liquids, and textures on hardwood flooring, which is mostly indoors.

Besides removing dust and debris, floor scrubbers can help remove solid or stubborn marks such as oil, grease, or other solid marks on the flooring. Moreover, floor scrubbers break up the dirt, surround it, and suck it all up.

As one of the best industrial floor cleaning machines, floor scrubbers are ideal for both small and large spaces, which means they can be used in both situations.

Floor scrubbers also come with two tanks for cleaning, one has the solution, and the other holds wastewater. Floor scrubbing professionals use these machines to keep the floor clean and safe at all times, ensuring that they are well-protected.

types of industrial floor cleaning machines
Types of industrial floor cleaning machines: floor scrubber

3. Floor Buffing Machines

A floor buffing machine is a versatile machine that can be of great use when it comes to industrial floor cleaning, and it is among the most important equipment that professional floor care specialists use.

These machines are quickly getting popular in the industrial market because they cover all kinds of floor types and can cover a lot of floor area in less amount of time. They can clean wooden floors, marble and stone floors, tiled floors as well as concrete floors.

Also, a buffing machine can remove grease marks as well as oil marks, and it functions side-to-side while cleaning, which is why it is also nicknamed the side-to-side machine.

4. Floor Burnishers

Like floor buffing machines, floor burnishes are equipment used to polish or burnish a floor so that its original shine can be brought back to life.

It is one of the most important industrial floor cleaning machines and helps achieve a glossy shine within a few times its use. It operates in a side-to-side option and provides the floors with a shiny look, also known as the wet look.

Moreover, it is known to bring a completely different look to hard floors. It is known by different names, such as strippers and swing machines. Also, comes in different types and sizes, something that you don’t have to worry about when hiring a professional floor care specialist.

Professional floor care companies know perfectly what type of floor burnisher you will need for each particular occasion, and they will bring the correct equipment depending on the type and size of your industrial floor.

5. Vacuum Cleaners

Also known as a hoover machine, an industrial vacuum cleaner is one of the most durable industrial floor cleaning machines that you will find, and one of the most essential types of industrial floor cleaning machines that professionals use.

It can be great for general cleaning in an industrial environment like removing debris, industrial waste, construction refuse, and many other things.

Industrial vacuum cleaners are also perfect for larger areas as they come with a dual motor. They can be expensive but fortunately, this isn’t an investment that you will have to make when working with a professional floor cleaning company, which will take care of the whole process for you.

6. Steam Cleaning Machines

Also known as commercial cleaning machines, steam cleaning machines are industrial floor cleaning machines that extract hot water to clean carpets in a commercial environment.

Steam cleaning is known to be great at removing dirt, stain marks as well as allergens from all the material. In steam cleaning, the detergent, along with hot water, is pushed inside the layers of the carpet, which effectively cleans out everything.

A steam cleaning machine is used by professional floor care specialists to clean tiles and grout, as well as sterilize all kinds of surfaces inside an industrial space.

Also, the steam cleaning machine ensures that no harmful chemicals are released during the process, and it helps maintain a hygienic environment. It can help de-grease, de-oil, and decontaminate all tools perfectly.

Steam cleaning machines are highly beneficial for keeping floors clean and shiny at all times, and they are one of the must-have types of industrial floor cleaning machines for every floor care company.

7. Floor Polishers

While floor buffers and floor polishers are sometimes confused as the same thing, there is an evident difference between them. Floor polishers are used at an industrial level as industrial floor cleaning machines to clear away both bumps and chips.

While floor polishers are great at spraying and cleaning at the same time, professional floor cleaning companies usually go for the ones that have increased rotations per minute for industrial use.

Also, companies that clean industrial floors often change the brushes at frequent intervals to ensure that they are getting the best results while using a floor polisher.

Polishing the floor once a month can be great as it will help the floor retain its shine and make sure that it doesn’t look old. So, make sure to work with your floor care specialist to ensure that your industrial needs are taken good care of.

8. Scrubber Dryers

When it comes to floor cleaning in an industrial setting, scrubber dryers are among the most essential types of industrial floor cleaning machines that professionals use. Compared to manual floor cleaning, they can help them save a lot of time and energy.

These dryers are efficient enough and work on all floor types, and have a great rotating mechanism with brushes attached which ensures that the cleaning process is enhanced and gets done quicker.

Furthermore, scrubber dryers scrub away dirt from the floor, helps replace traditional mops and buckets, and effortlessly cleans all types and sizes of surfaces and flooring.

It also applies a sufficient amount of liquid under the brushes so that all the dirt can be removed at once.

9. Monobrush Machine

A basic machine that is part of professional floor cleaning, as the name suggests, monobrush refers to a cleaner that has a brush attached to the front and keeps rotating at a brisk pace.

As an industrial floor cleaning machine, it comes with different brushes that can be used for different purposes, including scrubbing, washing, and cleaning.

Also, it helps the floor care company deal with all kinds of flooring and surfaces in an industrial setting, such as hard floors, concrete floors as well as carpeted or soft flooring.

A mono brush is easy to transport and handle and will ensure that the space remains clean and flawless at all times. As with other types of industrial floor cleaning machines, monobrush machines may require specific knowledge or training so the floor care professional can maximize their effectiveness.

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